2D face sets

Set: aberdeen
Description: 687 Colour faces from Ian Craw at Aberdeen. Between 1 and 18 images of 90 individuals.  Some variations in lighting, 8 have varied viewpoint.
Resolution: varied: 336x480 to 624x544

Set: Iranian women
Set Description 369 images, 34 women, mostly with smile and neutral in each of five orientations

Resolution: 1200x900 colour

Set: nottingham_scans
Set Description 50 males and 50 females in neutral, frontal pose

Resolution: 358-463 to 468x536 monochrome

Set: nott-faces-originals
Set Description 495 images of 71 identities. Each face in four expressions with a frontal view, two expressions with a 3/4 view, and one frontal view wearing a bathing cap over hair
Resolution: 288x384 monochrome

Set: Stirling_faces
Set Description 312 images: 35 identities (18 female, 17 male), in 3 poses and 3 expressions
Resolution: 269x369 monochrome


Set: Pain expressions
Set Description: 599 images; posed expressions, usually 2 of each of the six basic emotions plus 10 of pain, also 45 degree and profile neutral. 13 women, 10 men.
Resolution: 720x576 colour

Set: Pain expression subset
Set Description: 84 Cropped versions of some of the above, fixed eye location, 7 expressions (not sad) from each of 12 women.
Resolution: 181x241 monochrome

Set: Utrecht ECVP
Set Description: 131 images, 49 men, 20 women, usually a neutral and smile of each, collected at the European Conference on Visual Perception in Utrecht, 2008.  Some more to come, and 3d versions of these images in preparation.
Resolution: 900x1200 colour

Set: Mooney Mooney_LR  Mooney_MF
Set Description: 2 sets of 24 Mooney faces, coded as male/female or looking left/right.  BMP format, 575x580 pixels
















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