Face database

3D images

The images are captured by a Di3D camera system. The export format is Wavefront obj. Here is an example of a complete set of unconformed images for one person:

 45Mb zip file

Male neutral set, 45 identities, plus overall and beardless averages, conformed to standard mesh and aligned to the overall average.

Neutral conformed12Mb zip file

Female set, 54 identities + average 9Mb zip file

Original unconformed neutral images

3D face images

47 Male 314 Mb zip
54 Female 354Mb zip

Unconformed expression images, all abut 320Mb zip files

Smile, mouth closed: male; female
Smile, mouth open: male; female
Angry: male; female
Disgust: male; female
Fear: male; female
Sad: male; female
Surprise: male; female

Many more images coming.

The MICA FLAME parameters 15Mb zip file As with all the files here, the FLAME data are only shared for academic, non-commercial usage