Face database


Five different video sequences were recorded for most participants; there was the odd failure. Edited files are stored here as wmv format, which is small and works in Eprime. A good utility for conversion to other formats is Freemake video converter.

Walking along a corridor, around 8 seconds. Male 36Mb Zip file Female 38Mb Zip file

There are two sequences recorded during the main photograhy sessions, using a standard quality webcam, at 640x480. Since they are relatively wide angle, the videos have been cropped to 400x300. The embedded videos below are short samples (if you have an old browser, you may just see still images instead). The quality is deliberately fairly low, since that is when identification gets interesting, but the quality of some of the blue background sessions is especially poor; I think the camera software didn't like all the blue!

From 3D session Male 155Mb Zip file Female 145Mb Zip File

From main photography session Male 291Mb Zip Female 331Mb Zip

We're still editing HD and stereo videos.