Other face databases

Links to a large collection of databases are maintained at the face recognition homepage.  Here we list some that may be especially useful to psychologists

Glasgow unfamiliar face database

Three images of each of 303 identities, plus 20 video stills for training

Meissner Caucasian and African American set

Around 100 of each race, each neutral and smiling.  Access by email permission.

Brazillian FEI database

100 of each sex, 14 images for each at various angles.  640x480 pixels.  Also includes cropped frontal images, smile and neutral.
WIth permission, I've mirrored the main image collections here, since download from Brazil can be quite slow: part1  part2  part3  part4  cropped1  cropped2

Radboud face database

67 identities, each with 8 expressions: Anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, surprise, contempt, and neutral, 3 gaze directions and five camera angles.  Access by request.

Indian Face database

11 images of each of 39 men, 22 women from Indian institute of technology Kanpur, 640x480 colour (not greyscale as it says on their site).

Montreal set of facial displays of emotion

4 men and women from each of Asian, Caucasian, African and Hispanic, neutral plus six emotions, anger, joy, sadness, fear, disgust and shame.  Monochrome, 800x560. Access by email permission.

Amsterdam Dynamic Facial Expression Set (ADFES)

22 individuals FACS posing nine emotions, including contempt, pride and embarassment.  Both colour apex still images (720x576) and 6 second movies are available. Includes a version where the model turns towards or away from the viewer.  Access by request.

Social Cognition and Social Neuroscience lab at Princeton

A variety of collections of faces, including some computer generated, rated on dimensions such as trustworthiness and dominance.

Karolinska Directed Emotional Faces (KDEF)

 70 individuals, each displaying 7 different emotional expressions, each expression being photographed (twice) from 5 different angles.












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