Face database

The aim of this project was to present a collection of 3D face images, along with the tools to manipulate and display them. However, we took to opportunity to collect a wide selection of other imagery of our participants, so that even if you are not interested in 3D, there may well be images here of interest. The database was funded by ESRC project ES/J010081/1 to Peter Hancock at Stirling and Bernie Tiddeman at Aberystwyth.

We are still in the process of preparing images. Currently we have 45 male and 54 female sets available, though not all image types are there yet. A one page overview of what is available is here.

A strong condition of use is that, if you process the images further, for example editing files or gathering similarity ratings, you offer this back to the database for use by others. To do so, please email 3dfacedb@gmail.com. If the files are small enough to email, as in rating data, please attach them to the email, otherwise you could send them using Stirling's filedrop facility. The files will be added, along with any credits, such as paper citations, that you wish.

To gain access to the database, please download the license agreement, sign and scan it and return to 3dfacedb@gmail.com.

To cite the database, please give this URL for now. We hope to publish a paper describing the database in due course.

Use in publications: all the people depicted have given consent for their images to be used in research; some have also explicitly given permission for their images to be used in publications. The list of these is given here, you may forward this document to any editor seeking reassurance about image use.

A gradually evolving document explaining the capture and naming of the images is available here. Last update, 11 August 2013

Announcements about updates will be made via the Face Research mailing list.

IEEE FG 2018 Workshop on Dense 3D Reconstruction of 2D Face Images in the Wild

The database is being used as a test set for a competition on 3D face reconstruction from 2D images, with the 3D scans acting as 'ground truth'. The test set is available here: 153Mb Zip To access the file, please complete the license agreement above.

3D faces

The files are from a Di3D camera, in obj format. Both conformed and original images are available.

2D and stereo faces

Photographs from four different cameras, with a variety of angles and lighting conditions

Video files

Up to five different videos, from webcam to hidef and stereo


Information and links to Morphanalyser, for 3D images, and Psychomorph, for photographs.


Database hosted by the Psychological Image Collection at Stirling (PICS)